What is Minecraft title screen seed and how to get it? [Solved]

Minecraft title screen seed is the world that is shown in the background of the Title when you open the Minecraft game. Many users were finding the seeds for going to that world. This world was available for over one decade, but no user was able to find the exact seed to enter that world. In around July 2020, some user named as Minecraft@Home found the seed to this world, and it was first posted on the Reddit platform. In this article, you will find the seeds to enter into the Minecraft title screen seed. 

This screen seed first appeared in the 1.8 beta version. The unique number formation to enter into this world which has panorama mode and rotates all around. Read this article carefully to get accurate information about how to enter in that world.

How to enter Minecraft title screen seed?

In this piece of information, we will give you seeds that are unique, and you can enter that in the game to enter the Minecraft title screen. Read the information carefully.

– Version: 1.7.3 Beta version.

– Coordinates: X = 61.48, Y = 75, Z = -68.73

– Seed1: 2151901553968352745

– Seed2: 8091867987493326313

Enter any of the above mentioned seeds in the game, and then you will get a chance to enter into a whole new world, as shown in the background of the Title of the Minecraft game. 

In the video given below, you will see exactly how to use this seed and what the difference is between that world and another interface in the Minecraft game. Watch the video carefully to get a perfect explanation on how to use the seeds given above. 

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